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Stop Buying Leads. You Are Not That Desperate.

Like just about any industry, financial services has a few providers that are selling leads. Want to know why buying leads sucks....

Have you ever valuated your car online? You know, you go to Kelly Blue Book's website in put in your details and the website shoots you out an approximate value for your used vehicle. Two hours after you fill out the valuation form, you're inundated with calls, texts and emails from every car dealership within 250 miles.

That's right, took your info and sold it to the highest 25 bidders. Now you spend the next several weeks trying to stop the insanity.

Our industry is no different. An unassuming consumer is afraid they don't have enough money for retirement so they fill out the form on Facebook and the company that owns that form sells you the lead....and sells it to several other advisors.

Here is a fun video in the spirit of Halloween, reminding you to stop buying leads.


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