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Part II: How To Target Niche Markets

Building an online presence around your niche market means the content you provide must be interesting, relevant, and insightful to your specific audience. Content has to compliment the daily lives, occupations, struggles, and successes of your niche members. Use content that incentivizes your audience to revisit your website and social profiles. Answer commonly asked questions, add value, and act as a source of credibility for your firm. Follow these simple steps when targeting your niche on social media:

1. Cultivate a client profile for niche prospects.

Consider the following for better results in targeting promotions and audience reach:

  • Household Income

  • Job Position

  • Job Title

  • Industry

  • Geographic Location

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Interests & Hobbies

2.Communicate your overall message to your niche audience over a period of time.

Cultivating a message for your niche market enables you to address relevant issues. The overall intention for the message is to provide information as an educated and trusted professional. Trust is not built with a few posts. Communicate your message to the niche over a period of time to develop your thought leadership. Because your newfound niche audience is smaller and their needs are much more specific, you are bringing more awareness to the value added by the services you provide.

With compliance in mind, develop customized subject matter, i.e. a personal white paper, case study, video or eBook. Canned content and automated blogs get penalized in the SEO shuffle so avoid this type of content at all costs. Finding content that separates you from the rest is difficult, so make sure your content is custom to you.

Social media employs specific targeting tools that allow businesses to get in front of a very exact audience at cost-effective rates. You can choose smart hashtags that bring in local clientele and create custom ads that serve your specific audience. Understanding ad management, audience reach, insights, publishing tools, and lead generation will drive the success of your targeted promotions. When determining your audience size, keep to your niche. The more exact the audience, the more personable your promoted content will be. When your promotions are targeted, you’ll find that your message resonates with a higher percentage of recipients.

3. Increase your credibility by engaging with your audience.

Using defined metrics and characteristics from the client profile allows advisors to identify their ideal prospect and reach them efficiently.

Educating an audience on pertinent issues and solutions creates trust while establishing a healthy reputation within that community. Create an active social media presence that will personalize your business experience to prospects.

You want to maintain a welcoming environment so prospects feel comfortable enough to ask questions or add comments to your page. Follow those who follow you and add your knowledge when needed. Stay up to date with your audience members to see what new challenges they are facing. If you see a question you can answer, post your solution right away via status update, blog link, direct message or right on your prospects profile. When niche members begin to interact with you directly, they become prospects. It is the personal interaction that develops greater trust and opportunity to offer your services.

In conclusion, take what you know and turn that knowledge into educational content, a how-to guide or blog for example. Continue to provide your niche audience with information that will benefit them. Always rely on adding value to prospects rather than personal promotion. Prospects want to see posts that answer a question, or solve a problem. When you have targeted your niche, most questions your members have will be the same, so always post your answer to your social profiles. Blogging and creating content takes time, time most people don’t want to give up, but there are solid benefits for your business. For a detailed step by step video on how to create a facebook audience profile click here!

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