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Leads, LinkedIn and Your Small Business

You probably are already using social media pages for your small business. Much has been expounded about the need for social media as a brand building tool, but social media can be much more than that. Not only do 50% of businesses report that using social media increased consumer satisfaction, but 24% of businesses using social media for lead generation saw revenue increases.

What Is Lead Generation?

The beginning — a very good place to start. Lead generation isn’t selling, it’s getting people into your business orbit. Simply put, lead generation is making people interested in you, reading your blog, commenting on your posts, reading about your services.

Lead generation has to be followed up by lead nurturing or you’ll never be able to convert those leads into actual customers. Here, however, we’re going to cover some tips on how to use LinkedIn to find a better class of lead, leads more prepared for conversion.

LinkedIn is the best social media site for B2B operations. It’s where your audience is. LinkedIn is focused on professionals, allows for precise targeting and lead generation. However, you need a strategy.


  1. Create a Personal and a Company Page– When a potential lead searches for your services, they want to learn about your company, not you. Having a business page allows potential customers to see your services, recommendations and referrals.

  2. Know Your Customer- LinkedIn has fantastic services when it comes to targeted connections and lead generation, but you need to know who you’re targeting. Start by taking a look at your current client base and finding folks like them on LinkedIn, from their you can access their networks and research their habits.

  3. Join a Local Group- Join groups that have strong ties in your local community. Try to find at least three. Once you’ve joined your groups, participate in them. You want to attract interest in your page.

  4. Find Decision Makers- LinkedIn allows you to cut out the middleman. Find the person at the center of a network, maybe a firm of potential clients. Connecting with an influencer means connecting with their network.

  5. Get Recommendations- Linkedin allows for you to give and receive recommendations, so give, give, give. When you recommend folks, they feel much more obliged to send some your way.

LinkedIn is a great resource for lead generation, but make sure to strategize. Don’t leave your LinkedIn page dormant and expect it to attract customers. Keep on it, and you’ll start generating leads in no time.

The hardest part of any business is organizing time in a day appropriately. The key to growing is the ability to allocate tasks to others. LinkedIn can be time consuming if it is done correctly. Every day you allow your presence to stay stagnant is another day a potential connection can see their first impression of you. Will it be one you approve of? If you don’t have the time to put your LinkedIn plans into action contact us we offer free linkedin assessments.

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