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Don’t be Overwhelmed on the Internet

Q: I have my own business, and I just have a more traditional approach to clients and the community. Why would I choose social media instead of just shaking people’s hands? What platform should I even use?

Seriously, Geoff D. Daytona Beach, FL


Seriously. I think you should definitely do BOTH. Social media doesn’t replace your traditional methods of client introduction/communication/ appreciation. But it is a cheap and easy way to reach a whole lot of people and filter out new clients, who will then come into your lobby, where you will be able to get that handshake.

The Internet sounds like a cold, impersonal place, but it is actually the easiest place to get your brand in a million places at once.

Consider these stats:

81% of American Adults use the Internet. That is more than 170 million people older than 18 on the Internet.

If you are selling a good or a service, you can reach more people via the Internet than any other traditional method of marketing. Most importantly, people who are searching the Internet for your particular good or service can find you. So if they met you at an event, or saw you speak somewhere, or heard a radio ad with your business mentioned, they have a resource to learn more about what you have to offer, and whether or not they interested in pursuing a business relationship with you. I call those “serious buyers”.

Which social media platform is best for you? The stats on these are staggering…

Facebook: 71% of American Adults using the Internet, use Facebook. More than 120 million adults in the US.

Twitter: More than 40 million American adults use Twitter

LinkedIn: 47.8 million American adults

Pinterest: 47.8 million American adults

Instagram: 44.4 million American adults

Multiple platforms – 88.9 million American adults use multiple social media platforms

So, basically EVERYONE is on the INTERNET.

Ultimately, it will be up to you to create strategy, meet new prospects, and close deals. In the end, it is SO IMPORTANT that you still want to shake that hand. That hand shake is what will give that prospect the confidence in the deal they made. DON’T EVER LOSE THAT, Geoff. That is what makes you special. But if you want to leverage the Internet in an inexpensive way that brings new prospects to your door, I can help you get started. From coaching sessions, to a more hands on management, Social Advisors is committed to improving your social media experience.


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