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TopicMaximizing Impact: Innovative Event Marketing Techniques for Financial Advisors

- Panelists:

- Charlie Van Derven, Social Advisors

- Niki Clark, Niki Clark Marketing

- Angela York & Elyse Stoner, Custom Strategic Marketing

Join us for an in depth panel discussion where industry experts share their most effective strategies in event marketing specifically tailored for financial advisors. "Maximizing Impact" is not just about hosting events – it's about changing your approach to event marketing to create more opportunities and greater results.

Key Talking Points:

1. Why Events Matter for Advisors: Uncover the compelling reasons events are a game-changer in financial services. Learn how to build trust, enhance brand visibility, and foster meaningful relationships.

2. Choosing the Right Event: Dive into the art of selecting events that resonate with your target audience. From small intimate gatherings to large client appreciation events, understand what works best for your brand and client base.

3. Who to Include: Discover the importance of curating the right mix of guests, speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Learn how this synergy can create an engaging and memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

4. Effective Follow-Up Strategies: Transform attendees into appointments with strategic follow-up. Learn how to maintain momentum beyond the event, ensuring your event's impact extends far beyond its conclusion.

This panel discussion promises to be a powerhouse of insights, tips, and real-world examples. Whether you're new to event marketing or looking to host more successful events, this is a must-attend for any financial advisor seeking to make a significant impact.


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