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Are You Overloading Potential Clients?

It’s Monday morning; you turn on your computer, and open your email inbox. Notice how you’re inundated with spammed offers and have no idea where your “real” mail is. Maintaining the ability to keep a clean inbox over the weekend sometimes gets away from us. Remember if you are having this problem then your clients are as well.

Email marketing is a great way to connect on a more one on one level with current and potential clients. Unlike social media, email marketing allows you to tailor the message specifically for them.

Track clicks to find a pattern in what content they are most engaged with. When you find this data create a subset email list that includes only this material type. For example if 20% of your audience seems to click videos in your emails you should extract them so that instead of 2 blogs and a video they should receive 2 videos and a call to action.

This can apply to case studies, white papers, blogs, and so on. Give your audience what they want without sacrificing quality. A more tailored message will lead to higher potential conversion rates and increase communication between you and your audience.

For all of your emails make sure you apply these 3 steps before hitting that send button:

  1. Make it quick to process – You have about 8 seconds to capture your reader’s attention. It is quicker for the eye to process images and also is a magnet for scrolling! Add images and don’t over load readers with too much copy.

  2. Have one goal – FOCUS!! Keep it Simple and have a clear objective for the email. Don’t wander off of your goal.

  3. Mobile and application friendly – Use tools like to test HTML templates before sending. You don’t want the reason readers delete your email to be because it wasn’t formatted correctly.

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Stay tuned for more information about cleaning your inbox, keeping it open for clients, and never missing an opportunity.


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