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4 Reasons Financial Professionals should use LinkedIn…Now!

Many businesses shy away from LinkedIn as part of their marketing plan. For the professional whose business is dependent on referrals and new introductions for growth, LinkedIn is the most important social media platform to master.

LinkedIn makes it easy for financial advisors to gain new introductions to ideal prospects. With quality consistent communication, introductions can become relationships and new business opportunities.

If you are a financial advisor, consider the following 4 reasons to get started using LinkedIn now.

  1. Traditional Networking on Steroids – LinkedIn helps financial professionals leverage the power of their network. A quality referral network on LinkedIn will open you up to many new introductions.

Connect with 100 quality referral sources. Through advanced search features on LinkedIn, target three new introductions from each connection. That is 300 potential introductions to people that fit your ideal client profile.

2. Consistent Communication with Clients and Prospects – LinkedIn makes it very easy to communicate with clients and prospects.

Share interesting, valuable and compliance approved content a minimum of two times weekly. By sharing content and showing up in the newsfeeds of clients and prospects, you will continue to reinforce your brand and provide value to a large group of people with one consistent activity.

3. Shared and Custom Content – Each time a client or prospect sees a valuable article that you shared, you impress your brand and expertise. Periodically, create your own content to share on LinkedIn to go from a subject matter expert to a thought leader within your industry.

4. New Referral Centers – LinkedIn has more than 1 million professional groups. Whether you work with business owners, retired military, or other professionals, there are a number of LinkedIn groups to join that will get you in front of a new audience. Join groups and become a consistent contributor to impress your brand and thought leadership with people outside of your immediate network.

LinkedIn is not a difficult platform to master, but the majority of advisors are not taking advantage of the power of LinkedIn’s massive professional network. If business growth is your goal, LinkedIn should be part of your strategy.


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