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Why Developing Custom Content Will Benefit Your Business

One in five investors claim they actually trust their financial advisor. That is a large gap in trust. Compliance restrictions and, well, laziness have led to an inundation of canned content and impersonal messaging. This takes away from the overall value provided by the Advisor and leaves little room for trust in the relationship.

Customized content provides a voice people want to hear from, and more importantly results. Here are some of the top 3 reasons why developing your own content will provide benefits to your business:

1. Custom content is rewarded with higher page rankings on search engines.

Google, Bing, and even home devices like Alexa have updated their algorithms to only promote custom content. These search engines have the ability to notice what work has been used before and what is original and new. These sources want to provide users with relevant content. When they pick up on words and paragraphs that have already circulated through the system they push them down so far users won’t be able to find them. As a business professional it is crucial for your services to lead in search engine rankings so you will be found more efficiently.

2. Authenticity and authority appeal more to those seeking your service.

One thing you don’t want to do when developing content is sacrifice personality to stay compliant. It’s important to cultivate a voice that others trust and relate to. In order to actually gain new leads you have to be present. You can do this by writing white papers, or blogs that speak to your niche audience. By copy and pasting someone else’s work onto your profile you are not giving your authentic input on the problem they are facing. Feel safe to be yourself by incorporating disclaimers within your work to stay within FINRA requirements.

3. Unique content adds a better first impression to your niche audience.

The value you provide is the first thing potential clients want to see. When a lead is interested in becoming a client of yours they are going to want to see examples of your work, advice, solutions. The work you put out online needs to illustrate to them exactly what you do, what value you can add. A personal voice and educational guidance hits home for your online audience. This is the material that is going to entice them to become a loyal client.

When you develop your own content, over time you will have created a library of material. This material is yours. You can repurpose it, recycle it, and even reuse it at your leisure. Use part of this content and turn it into a short social media post, status update, infographic. All of this material is going to get more qualified leads in your door. With search engines on your side the hard part is over. Now that you see the importance of developing custom content, it’s time to start putting these practices into writing.

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