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Webinar Recap: Social Media Best Practices – Facebook & LinkedIn With Advisor Websites

What this webinar covers:

This webinar will go into a breakdown of the top social media myths in the financial services industry. These myths include:

  • “Social Media is just for teenagers, and I do not need it for my business”

  • “Social Media and small businesses don’t mix.”

  • “I don’t have anything to say.”

Next we discuss how social media is being used in the financial services industry today. We explore different stats and statistics such as:

  • “Over 90% of High Networth Investors use Social Media.”

  • “5 Million Investors with $100K+ assets use social media to research and make financial decisions.”

  • “68% of Adults online own an investment account and are active on social media.”

  • “Facebook has 1.79 billion active users. More than 200 million users in the US.”

After that we discuss the importance of streamlining your financial website to your social media channels.

Finally, we dive into best practices using LinkedIn and Facebook. This covers important points such as:

  • Your LinkedIn daily routine should include: looking at new connections and notifications, staying in touch with your network and connecting to new people you know, and leveraging your newsfeed to start new conversations

  • You should engage your niche market by using the advanced search option on LinkedIn, identifying common connections, and then gaining introductions or making cold connections.

  • Your Facebook business profile should: be personal, have consistent branding, make it easy to contact you, have direct calls-to-action, a link to your website.

  • Your content marketing should create brand awareness, drive website traffic, and attract consumer data. In addition, make sure to use Facebook and LinkedIn to promote blogs, white papers, professional events, conversion tools, and more.

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