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Webinar: Lights, Camera, YOU! Leveraging Video to Grow Your Practice.

Lights, camera, YOU! You already have everything you need to easily and authentically leverage video to grow your business.

In this webinar, Charlie is joined by Industry veteran Katie Braden, CFP®.

We'll show you exactly how to get started today, how to maximize your ROI early on and why a few minutes of video creation each week could be the best investment you make in your business - and yourself - this year.

After 16 years in the profession, Katie Braden, CFP® has combined her passions and expertise to focus on helping financial advisors leverage video to grow their businesses through her company, Innovating Advice. She runs the 3-month Video Creation Masterclass, monthly video workshops and IAC (the Innovating Advice Community) which provides all the tools, support and resources financial advisors need to embrace the power of video.


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