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Use Your LinkedIn DMs to Create More Opportunities

In this insightful video, Niki Clark of Niki Clark Marketing and Charlie Van Derven of Social Advisors dive into the best practices for leveraging LinkedIn Direct Messages (DMs) to grow your financial advisory business.

This is a must-watch for financial advisors looking to deepen their client relationships and expand their network through meaningful interactions on LinkedIn. Join Niki and Charlie as they share expert strategies that go beyond the typical sales pitch, focusing on the importance of building genuine connections and fostering long-term client relationships.

Here’s what you’ll learn: Build Rapport: Understand the importance of creating a strong foundation of trust and familiarity with your prospects before diving into business discussions. Don't Sell in the DMs: Learn why direct messaging is not the place for hard sells, and how to use it effectively to open doors instead. Sell in Email: Discover how to transition from LinkedIn DMs to email, where you can present your offerings in a more detailed and personalized manner. Connect with People and Give It Time: Patience is key. See why building authentic relationships over time is crucial for success. DMs Do Not Get Immediate Results: Manage your expectations and understand that results from DM strategies take time to materialize.

Don't Immediately Pitch: Avoid the common mistake of pitching right away. Learn alternative approaches to engage your prospects meaningfully. Keep a Spreadsheet: Organize your outreach efforts with a spreadsheet to keep track of your interactions and follow-ups.

Find a Point of Interest and Ask Them a Question About It: Personalize your messages by showing genuine interest in your prospects' professional lives. Money is Emotional - DMs Need to Be Relational: Tap into the emotional aspects of money management to build stronger, more relational connections. It's a Numbers Game: Understand the importance of consistency and volume in your outreach efforts.

DM Message - Less is More: Learn the art of crafting concise and impactful messages that capture attention without overwhelming your prospects. It is About Your Time Investment and Consistency: The key to successful LinkedIn DM strategies lies in your dedication and consistent efforts. Webinars Help You Build Your Email List: Utilize webinars as a tool to expand your email list and provide value to your audience.

Put in the Energy Now So a Year Later You Have a Pipeline: Invest in your DM strategies now to create a robust pipeline of potential clients in the future. This video is packed with actionable insights and practical tips to help you master the art of LinkedIn DMs and turn them into a powerful tool for your business growth.

Watch now and start transforming your LinkedIn strategy with these expert recommendations from Niki Clark and Charlie Van Derven. To find and connect with Charlie: LinkedIn:   / charlievanderven     / socialadvisors ‪@SocialAdvisorsOnYouTube‬  To find and connect with me:   / nikiclark     / nikiclarkmarketing    / @nikiclarkmarketing  

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