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80% of the B2B sales leads sourced on the Internet come from one source, LinkedIn.com. Fill your sales pipeline with our Complete LinkedIn Sales Solution, a sales strategy tailored specifically for you.

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Your Complete LinkedIn Sales Solution

Business development and client acquisition is never an easy task. Cold calling is a time consuming practice with little return and traditional seminar selling has become an expensive venture. 

Prospecting and business development has changed. We set up a new process to connect, engage, nurture, and delight the professionals you want to know. What does that mean exactly? 

Our approach is to put you in front of qualified professionals that fit your niche, people who are interested in what you have to sell. Once we find these people, we connect and engage with them for you. All the while nurturing and delighting them with content and personalized messaging. When it’s time, all you have to do is close the deal.

So Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the best sales tool for professionals across industries. This one platform is responsible for 80% of the business-to-business leads sourced on the Internet. Your LinkedIn network can be filled with prospects, referral opportunities and influencers. 

Social Advisors gives you the team and expertise needed to fill your sales pipeline. We’ll start the conversations. Your role in the partnership is to grow relationships and close new business.  

3 Ways For You to Grow

What do you have to do to make LinkedIn work for you? We have three levels of service to best suit the needs of your business. Visit our Services page for more details. 



Done For You

LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of the B2B leads sourced on the Internet. If you’re not creating business with LinkedIn, you’re either doing it wrong or not even trying. Social Advisors is your prospecting partner. Let us help you leverage the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to engage the right professionals in your area. We’ll grow your network, nurture your connections and start the conversation. When you're ready, you move in to close the deal.

Complete Sales


Social Advisors is your LinkedIn Sales Team. Our LinkedIn Complete Sales Solution covers it all. We start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile for success. From there, we begin finding qualified professionals to grow your business. We invite, connect, start conversations, and nurture these professionals, saving you a lot of time in prospecting. Pre-approved curated content is posted multiple times weekly to keep you present within your growing network. We’ll grow your network, nurture your connections and start the conversation. When you're ready, you move in to close the deal.

A Word From Our Clients

Social Advisors have started to mine leads for me through Linkedin. After two weeks I have had about 60 connections with my target market and have had 2 lawyers start discussions with me about retaining my services.  If just one of them retains me, that will pay for six months of Social Advisors support.  I expect to get ten or twenty times more business than that. The best promotional investment I ever made. Thank you!

J. B. Financial Advisor

I love how Social Advisors takes the grunt work out of prospecting. This service gets me in front of new people that I would not otherwise have a chance to meet. It helps me grow my network and my business! 

Chuck Hammond AIF, PPC

Time for me to buy you another steak dinner. Landed another big client from a great Social Advisors lead! Biggest solo client of my career to date. 

A.S. Financial Advisor

Its been less than a month and we had our first meeting with a qualified person from our LinkedIn campaign. He showed interest in our services, asking us several closing questions. We wouldn't have had this opportunity without Social Advisors services

G.C. Financial Advisor

Getting in front of new people has always been a challenge for financial advisors as there are only so many hours in a day to grow a network. But with a paradigm shift leaning towards digital communications over more traditional ways, I can now be in front of more people, having more conversations with those who genuinely want my services and expertise. Social Advisors has taken over a lot of the leg work of prospecting and lets me focus on building relationships and spending time with my family

A.O. Financial Advisor

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