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LinkedIn Sales


You need to connect with specific professionals who will benefit from your unique financial expertise, and LinkedIn is the best way to reach those people.

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LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are essential tools in building a quality professional network efficiently. Whether you want to attract plan sponsors, young professionals, corporate executives, CPAs, attorneys, business owners or another professional audience, choosing professionals that share your personal interests and business goals is key in creating a successful network that can grow with your business.

We guide you through crafting consistent and thoughtful messaging and strategies to attract qualifying professionals that become valuable additions to your business network. As you grow this intentional community of your ideal prospects and nurture these relationships, you exponentially increase your influence as a financial professional your community can trust.

Social Advisors will run a comprehensive LinkedIn Sales Navigator campaign to explode your niche audience and start conversations with qualified professionals that you want to meet. The platform is incredible, but it is so much more than just sending invites and posting content. Schedule time with a thoughtful member of our team to learn how LinkedIn can deliver opportunity today and tomorrow. The network you build now will benefit your practice for years or decades to come.

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