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The Gift of Giving

Your clients are so important to your future success and there is no time like the end of the year to celebrate them. Delighting your clients with a little something for the holidays shows them you not only value the relationship you have, but also that you want it to shine into the years to come. Here at Social Advisors we put together a gift basket of goodies for our local clients and we can’t wait to share it with them, (And YOU)!

So where to begin?

I decided to make 12 gift baskets (MOSTLY because there are 12 bottles of wine in a case). I grabbed 12 adorable holiday buckets from the dollar spot at target that were $3 each, but on a holiday 15% discount. I also grabbed fake snow padding and fake snow sprinkle. It’s Florida. I am trying to be festive without being gender or holiday specific. For a theme I choose Trader Joe’s.

Why Trader Joe’s you ask?

I’ll tell you. We have a local distribution center for TJ’s but no store! ACK! The closest one is in Orlando, and the parking lot alone is such a nightmare, it is a rare feat for a local of our town to get in there. Most of the items in Trader Joe’s are organic, health conscious, and reasonably priced – JUST LIKE SOCIAL ADVISORS. Makes them so perfect for a gift basket. Here is what I grabbed:

1 case of Trader Joe’s Chardonnay

1 case of Trader Joe’s Cabernet Sauvignon

12 festive popcorn bags

12 bags of sunflower seeds

12 bags of peanut butter cups

12 bags of chocolate covered almonds

I even grabbed a flyer because I LOVE THE FEARLESS FLYER.

Then I went about stuffing my baskets. We are all about yummy healthy work snacks, and this basket is full of them!

Let’s be honest. We all should have started these baskets earlier this year. By the time I got to Trader Joe’s, they were out of gingerbread houses L and they only had 5 bags of the fancy popcorn. It was okay though. I subbed with some standard caramel corn and went on with my life.

I stuffed the batting in the bottom and arranged everything so you can see it. I love balance. Then I sprinkled the whole thing with fake snow.

Did I mention the gift basket bags? I got those at a craft store along with the fake snow. And the ribbon. Which is sparkly like holiday but also matches our branding. Now while I had all this going on, you didn’t see the PHOTO SHOOT I arranged in the background for our company holiday card. Because I do love a good holiday card. I will post our 2016 card as soon as it gets here! I plan to tie it to the front of the basket, tie them up with the ribbon and delight our clients at their monthly meetings!

What are your favorite go-tos for client gifts?

What do you do for long distance clients?


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