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3 Gifts you should get your business this year

Finished with your holiday shopping? Have you even started? It is fun to shop for the important people in your life. What’s on the shopping list for your business?

2013 was another year that social media proved it isn’t a passing fad. Consider mastering social media marketing. A social marketing presence is a gift you can give your business that will continue to reward.

Consider these 3 gifts to help your business engage and grow in 2014.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Financial Advisors are jumping into social media to grow their community, create more brand awareness and more opportunity. We know we need social media, but do we know how to use it effectively?

Decide what your social focus is, what your goals are and how you plan to achieve those goals. Give your business the gift of developing a social media strategy this holiday season.

Dedicated Social Work Station

Social media is about engaging your community and staying consistent.

Buy a social media dedicated tablet or smartphone for the office. Social media is fun…and it is social. Let your community know the people behind your business. Let them feel like they are part of the business. Use your dedicated tablet or smartphone to take photos, make updates and have conversations.

Use the 80/20 formula for updates. 80% of your updates should be about engagement; fun, relevant, valuable content such as videos, photos, articles, and questions to engage your audience. Only 20% should be about selling.

Social Media Management

The gift of social media management will help any business grow in the New Year.

Partner with a professional social media company to help develop and implement your social media strategy. Social Advisors is here to help you succeed with social media. Services are available from one-time coaching sessions and strategy planning, to quarterly staff training. We even offer complete management of your social pages.

With the holidays directly ahead of us, it is easy to forget about business until January. This holiday season, make sure to give your practice a gift that will generate interest and qualified leads throughout the year.

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