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Tales from the Trenches: Marketing that Works for Advisors Today!

Originally Recorded on July 26, 2022

Are you spending enough time and money on your marketing and PR? Chances are you are so busy working with your clients and running the business that crucial marketing activities are not properly prioritized, budgeted for, and executed. But being an entrepreneur means wearing many

hats, and if you don’t stay present and relevant with key constituents, your competitors could catch you by surprise.

In this session, you will learn what’s working – and what’s not – when it comes to client communications and building business through thick and thin. Our presenter, marketing maven Marie Swift of Impact Communications, will share a framework for marketing success, numerous examples of how other advisors are generating results, and formulas for making

everything easier for you to see and do.

Key takeaways:

• 5 ways to improve digital communications

• How to think about marketing as we cast our vision into 2023

• Needle-moving actions you can use to solidify client relationships and gracefully grow

Through stories and real-life examples, you’ll glean:

I. Insights from practitioners who are growing in a smart, consistent fashion -- including

tips, tactics and metrics

II. Advice from a marketing professional with 30 years’ experience working in the

trenches with independent financial advisors and FPA Members

III. Ideas, tools and resources for Mastering the Conversation, creating a marketing

growth plan, and embracing modern marketing methods (including video, podcasts,

webinars, social media, blogs, online presence, email marketing, lead magnets,

targeting and engagement)

Join us for an interesting and helpful conversation with Marie Swift, President and CEO of Impact Communications, Inc., one of the financial planning profession’s top marketing consultants. PR, social media, digital presence, selling skills, and all forms of marketing and professional communications are her key areas of expertise.

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24 de jul. de 2023

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