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Social Media’s Influence on Wealthy Investors Continues to Grow

Financial marketing firms conduct surveys of investors regularly. A recent survey of investors ranging from wealthy (minimum $100,000 not including their primary residence) to Ultra High Net Worth investors, found that the use of LinkedIn and Facebook continues to grow as a means for this group to find financial information.

  • 34% of affluent investors use social media as a source of information for personal finance and investment decisions.*

  • Within this group, 70% said they had shifted investments or formed relationships with providers due to social media.*

  • While age is a factor, more than half of those surveyed over 50 years of age access social media regularly.**

  • Of more than 5 million affluent investors in North America that use social media, 73% utilize to research financial topics.***

For the financial professional, winning and retaining clients relies on networks and referrals.

  • More than 60% of advisors who prospected with LinkedIn, gained new clients as a result. Nearly a third generated $1million or more in assets under management.***

  • 71% of advisors say their target clients are on LinkedIn.*** Successful advisors stay top of mind.

Advisors cannot ignore social media as a prospecting and client retention tool. Your clients and prospects are utilizing LinkedIn and Facebook regularly to research and communicate. It is becoming more imperative to develop a social media marketing and communication strategy every day.

LinkedIn has evolved the sales process. There is opportunity for advisors who understand the process and use it to their advantage.


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