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Not Growing, You’re Dying: 5 Things To NOT Do For Your Business

There are SO many how-to lists out there that preach about what to do when running a business. I say it’s time to stop and take a look at what you should NOT do. When putting this new focus on a your business strategy you will find the perspectives and advancements you need to reach your end goal. When industries become over-populated it becomes necessary to take this opposite route to stand out. DO NOT:

1. Negate from strategy.

When new businesses create their own paths the struggle of sticking to the plan sometimes occurs. Negating from the plan can sometimes lead to a positive outcome or new acknowledgement. However, it mostly leads you down a dirt road negating you from your destination. As in life, every marketing/business effort needs to have a mapped out plan. Draw out a business plan on a large white board and follow it religiously, the key is to stay organized. Get to know your community and begin networking with them.

2. Turn off your audience.

Considering the evolution of communication social media is a must for ANY business. We now have this instant platform comprised of a wide variety of customers and viewers. With billions of subscribers it would be foolish not to engage with prospects on this massive outlet.

Having said that, some people think by taking a picture and uploading it with a cliché caption does the job; it doesn’t. You have to create a library of professional quality images and calculated captions that provide a valuable message. Do not post just to post; do not post just to sell. Make sure you are providing an educational value to your niche audience. When you start overloading news feeds with undesirable content you will notice your follower’s decline, which is exactly what you don’t want.

3. Work just to work.

Always work SMART. Working diligently is a must if you want to succeed, but just be sure the work you are performing is going to benefit the business immediately. You do not want to spend valuable time working on something that may go into play. Spend your time wisely, because we all know: time is money. If you have a long list of things that must get done in order to meet weekly objections, then by all means work all hours of day and night. The point is do not work just to work. Work to be productive, not busy

4. Spam Your Fam

Nobody likes spam, not in a can, or in his or her inbox. Email marketing needs to be top priority when informing your customers on updates of your business. You can use this medium to gather new leads, talk about the latest news in your industry, offer a promotion, or showcase a new service. The main thing to keep in mind is how often you are doing this. If you’re thinking about doing a daily newsletter, kiss your audience goodbye. The more you clutter their inbox, the more aware the server becomes and automatically sends your mail into the spam folder. Schedule campaigns tactfully.

5. Hire Quickly and Fire Slowly

New start-ups have the potential of growing at lightning speed, so buckle up. When this happens owners tend to panic and scramble for help. Make sure you are not forcing someone’s credentials just to fill the position. Jot down what you specifically need help with. List out a few requirements, qualities, and traits. Then start looking for help ahead of time. Now you have the ability to pick and choose the best candidate for the job.

Under the same circumstances, do not retain someone on your team just because you need the help. If an employee is not delivering what they should be, they essentially are taking time and money from the business. Keeping them just to have an extra set of hands and pair of eyes is equally as damaging as not having them at all.

Overall, stay on your mapped out path. It’s okay to take the long road, just refrain from making pit stops along the way. Develop a team of helpers and leaders. Surround yourself with those who possess the same energy and goals as your business. Lie out targets for each week, zone in to achieving them, and watch your business take off. It’s all about self-discipline, level headedness, and determination. If you need any help with launching your plan or steps along the way contact us for strategy and implantation.

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