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Marketing Automation for Financial Professionals

NEWSFLASH: The HUGE majority of the advisors (and I expect other professionals) I meet do not have an adequate process in place for follow-up with prospects.

How much AUM/revenue are you leaving on the table?

80% of new clients require at least 5 meaningful touches to convert. Yet, most people don't go beyond the first or second conversation, and 94% of financial professionals don't go beyond the fourth touch.

Marketing Automation helps to scale your interaction, focusing on systems to ensure you have an effective follow-up process in place, maximizing AUM and revenue.

According to an article from @MooSend, users of Marketing Automation:

- 80% see improved lead generation, leading to a 451% increase in leads

- 90% higher client retention rate

- 14.5% boost in sales productivity

- 12.1% decrease in marketing overhead

- 70.5% increase in email open rates

- 152% higher click through rate

Automate your processes, cut overhead costs, increase productivity, increase revenue and profitability.


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