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Make an Awesome First Impression!

Whatever online forum that you may be represented in, you need an amazing profile. Whether it is the “About Me” on your website or blog, the description for your business on Facebook, or your professional profile on LinkedIn, in the “best case scenario,” someone important (your mom, a future employer/client, the Queen of England) is viewing this information, so make sure you put your best stuff out there.

Use images that are thoughtful and telling of your personality and professionalism. Get a professional headshot, or even better, hire a lifestyle photographer to document the details of your uniqueness and brand those images for your public image. Include links to your favorite posts, pictures, or products to illustrate a depth of your talent, style and professional resume. Always write in FIRST PERSON.

Connection is what you are going for, here. You want to take a totally new person and give them an intimate peek into what makes you/your business/your brand a positive choice for them to make. If you are on the internet at all, you are there to connect. In any place that you are represented, your best YOU should be front and center.

Remember, you aren’t just filling out information or writing some disconnected “book report” style dissertation. Guess who is reading your profile! Is it your future business partner? A philanthropist that wants to sponsor your art? A publishing house that wants a book deal with you? A new client? A headhunter? The Today Show? The love of your life?

Remember, someone is reading your “about” page! Get them hooked on you immediately by making the time, effort and investment to make it the highest quality profile page you can imagine!


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