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“Like” literally

Were you ever invited to a friend’s house over and over again before they ever came to yours? Over time, did this become frustrating, redundant, and lead you to never return? The same reaction should be said about business interactions through social media.

In today’s world, online success tends to be measured by likes and comments, but is this metric truly the best way to conclude conducive growth and leads within a business? The first tactic most companies tackle is attempting to recruit people to come “like” their Facebook page. The reason people stick to measuring success based off their own likes and comments are because it is quantifiable.

Additionally, you can see clear growth at a glance. However, this is not a promising way to reach loyal, long-term customers. Instead, try reaching out to your targeted clientele; see what they share, what their interests are, what their likes and dislikes are. After engaging with them in the comfort of their own “home” (their own website, blog, Twitter, email, Instagram, and Facebook), you can extend a friendly invite over to yours. Since you have now established the first connection, they will feel more inclined, and welcomed to return the favor. In terms of engagement, begin with small interactions when newcomers follow your feeds, then after some time, move into big engagements once they have reached out to you and even start bringing their friends.

Lead generation encourages interested customers to obtain more information about your business. Whether businesses want to entice people to sign up for their newsletter, a special offer, an event, or more information about their product, lead generation simplifies the mobile signup process, helping businesses hear from potential customers immediately. Lead generation can be tricky, so with help from Social Advisors, you can rest assured that we have you covered!

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