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Keeping A Clean Inbox: 3 Simple Steps

It is important to write informative emails that are worth the beloved save and refer back to later button. Even more so, it’s important to keep your inbox clean so that potential clients are sorted from spam.

Nothing makes a morning more unproductive than starting out with a dirty inbox. Follow these 3 quick tips to get your inbox cleaner than normal.

1. Set up rules

Many people don’t know you can actually make your inbox sort itself! It is practically magic!

For Gmail:

For Mac Mail:

For Outlook:

For Yahoo:


If an email doesn’t contain any signs of being utilized in the future delete it. Don’t be afraid! If the email contains information that you may be able to use in the future, sort it into the appropriate folder and move on. You will thank us in the future when you don’t have an inbox made up of mostly offers you will never use. Just like coupons: once expired, trash it!

3. Unsubscribe

We all have done it: subscribed to a newsletter that slowly but surely turns into offers that aren’t substantial to your business. Unsubscribe from these letters and you can cut your daily email intake in half. The average office worker receives 121 emails daily.

BONUS: Reply and move on: Not all messages are Spammy but not all messages need to be kept either. Once a correspondence has been resolved either archive in the appropriate folder or delete it. The chances of an email that contains a lunch meeting that took place 2 weeks ago is unlikely to ever be needed again. Make sure the contact is saved in your address book with notes for reference. Not only are you simplifying your work life you are also organizing your address book in an effective way for future correspondence. I hope these tips helped make your life easier, I know they did for mine!

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