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Invite the LIKES!

One of the best places to get new Facebook PAGE ”likes” for your business is right in front of your eyes. From your personal page, visit your Facebook Business Page.

You want to navigate to a post with a bunch of “likes,” like a promoted post or a popular photo.

  1. Select the post, and open it.

  2. Over in the comments section, you will see how many people LIKE this post.

  3. Left click the “# others” link.

You can take it from there, just invite all these “likers” to “like” you some MORE! Once you get through all the likes from this post, find another high traffic post and do it again!

After you catch up with all your past “likers”, you only have to check it once every week or two with your most recent posts. Don’t forget to follow up your future promotions with a good session of invites.

FYI, I just did my weekly maintenance for this very business page and got 10 new likes from those invites TODAY. I have increased 85 likes in the past 2 weeks!

Get started, find popular posts and invite these people to join you in your internet adventure!


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