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Get Pin’terest!

People search Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for what to make/eat/purchase.

Every. Day.

Pinterest users BUY the things they find and pin.

If you have a product, remember: pinners buy more stuff they see on Pinterest than on any other platform.


52% of Pinterest users use it for purchasing guidelines. So if you are a retailer, you can take a lesson from successful Pinterest for Business users and build boards around your products so people can find what they need and buy it from YOU.

Not selling products? Remember this little fact: Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined.

Pinterest is also much more than a marketplace.

Create a “Favorite Movies” or “Dinner Inspiration” board and get real people (like clients and employees!) to participate in building them.

Pinterest is the kind of platform that you can “hook” people’s interest and give them insight into the lifestyle of your brand/company. Not only will you connect with other pins/pinners with similar interests, but you can still drive traffic to your website because you have established an ethos with your audience.

The best thing? All of your boards build great content for you to share within other platforms so you can connect with new people and boost community and consumer confidence at the same time.


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