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Doing it Right: Managing Your Own Facebook Business Page

Social Advisors LOVES to help businesses discover the potential of a good social media campaign. We also love giving props to people that are doing it right all by themselves. That’s why this week, we’ve found ourselves smitten with the Facebook page self-management of one of our favorite local hangouts: Kale Café Juice Bar and Vegan Bistro. Not only does this place offer wholesome food with completely organic ingredients, they have harnessed the power of Facebook for their business in a way that’s made us take notice.

Sure, you can hire a service like Social Advisors to manage your social media profiles online. However, if you don’t have expendable income to put towards hiring a team of social media marketing experts to tackle the job for you, Kale Café shows that it is COMPLETELY POSSIBLE for you to do it yourself! All you need are time and know-how. Here are four ways our friends at Kale are doing it right by staying on top of their own Facebook marketing campaign for their small business.

Posting relevant content daily. Facebook (and most social media) is all about “right here, right now.” Your Facebook audience isn’t scrolling through their news feed looking for a story about what you did last week or what’s going on next month with your business (they’re likely to forget if you post too soon!), they want to know

what is happening NOW. Kale does an awesome job of showcasing the food and special events going on daily, so you’re tempted to come in and enjoy as soon as you see it. BOOM. Instant gratification.

Throwing a giveaway in the mix. A couple of days ago, Kale Café blasted their new organic veggie burger on their Facebook wall. In their post, they added a description of the new product and a simple call to action: “If you order one today post a pic of it, tag me in it, and I’ll buy you a smoothie.” This brilliant marketing scheme got Likes, comments, shares AND tags! And the cost? A free smoothie for a person who was willing to buy a burger and show some Facebook love. When you give your fans incentive to support you socially, they’ll hop on the band wagon faster than you can say “veggie burger!” And you don’t have to just give them something for free without asking for business in exchange. It’s a win-win situation.

Encouraging reviews. ANY consumer can understand the value of reviews. If you’re about to purchase a product or service, chances are you want to know what kind of experiences other people have had with what you’re interested in before you invest your money into it. Kale Café is doing it right! Their 142 Facebook reviewers have given them nothing but 5 stars, so any prospect who’s visiting their Facebook page will lean more toward giving their food a chance if they start reading all the love left on the page from existing customers. How can you churn up some stars on your Facebook page? It’s an easy 2-step process! Step one, offer quality goods or services and organic positive reviews are going to naturally happen. Step two, ASK! Your fans WANT to give you their love, even if they don’t know it yet! When somebody gives you a verbal compliment, smile real big and say, “THANK YOU, I’m SO glad you feel that way!! Would you mind hopping on my Facebook business page and dropping a line about your good experience with our brand?” It’s as simple as that.

Making it personal. Kale patrons LOVE the delicious smoothies, wholesome food, great atmosphere and convenient location of the restaurant. Even more than that, a majority of people who visit ADORE owners Omar and Camille and their 4 beautiful children (they’ve got a 5th on the way!). At the end of the day, building a community and social media relationships for your business is all about building REAL relationships with people. Everybody loves a “neighborhood” feeling, they WANT to be a part of something. Regardless of whether you’re operating from a physical or virtual storefront, it is important to fuse your personality into your marketing campaign because at the end of the day, you want your business page to be a connection to your smiling face and welcoming persona, not just another page on a list of pages that your customers have “Liked” and forgotten about. You want people to want to be a part of the community your business has created. If you want to self-promote your business on Facebook, YOU CAN DO IT! WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU! Start by following Kale’s lead and integrate these few simple methods. Post relevant content, gather some positive reviews (just ASK!), inject a little personality and offer up some love to your followers from your Facebook page and you’ll be doing it right in no time! If you feel like 24 hours doesn’t offer you enough time in the day to kick start your own social media marketing campaign, DON’T DESPAIR! Contact us and let us help you figure out how to get started on the road to success!

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