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8 Ways to Fail Your Way to Success

Here is a short summary of IDEO’s blog “8 Ways to Fail Your Way to Success”

1. Keep it basic

MVP – Minimal Viable Product. Think of your product and simplify more. What is really necessary? 2. Design impossible tasks

They may not work but they get the imagination flowing. 3. Don’t assume your final format

Don’t get attached to what it looks like in your head, follow the consumer and not just what you want. It takes a village to make an idea or concept a reality. 4. Set a goal for failure

Have you read 100 Days of Rejection by Jian Jiang? Get used to failure, don’t be afraid of it. 5. “This is a bad idea, but…

”Don’t allow yourself to be attached to one idea, always have an open mind. But also say every idea. Never be scared to put your thoughts on the table. 6. The Shame Gong “Every time someone makes a mistake or fails, hit the gong and have the team whisper “shame” in unison. It actually lowers the barrier for admitting to failure and makes for more honest, less bullshitty brainstorms.”

7. The mis-name game Walk around the room and yell at objects calling them the wrong name. Think Liar Liar style. “The exercise reminds us that there’s a voice enforcing our fear of failure that can overpower our ability to take creative risks. Our job is to learn how to quiet that voice at the right moments to break out of the expected.”

8. Worst experience ever Think about the worst experience and design a better experience based on the biggest pain points of the worst scenario

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