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4 Ways to Become an Advisor to Potential Clients

You’re an amazing financial advisor, and your potential client is right there, ready for you to swoop in and help them achieve their dream. Here are a few tips you can keep in your back pocket to help you convert that potential into an actuality.

Stop Promoting.

Your clients are people, real people who have wants and needs and who have to sift through metric tons of content everyday. If you always just push a personal agenda, are always promoting, only talk about yourself, they’re going to put their head down and ignore you like you’re the mall kiosk guy pushing sunglasses or prints of wolves on canvas.

Instead, be educational. Focus on your client and what they want to see. Give them a taste of what you can offer. Make them ask: “How can I get that?”

Back down. Let your clients ask questions.

When a potential client walks through your door, or interacts with you online, you may have an impression of who they are and what they want. Whatever you do, do not rely on this assumption. When you’re talking with someone in their late twenties, for instance, don’t assume they’re looking to put down a payment on a house, or they’re just starting a family.

No one likes being read, stereotyped or pre-judged. You don’t want them to brush you off as just another advisor, and they don’t want you to brush them off as just another client. Let them ask questions and lead the conversation. Show them how much you value and respect them as a person with unique goals and needs.

Don’t be a robot.

Your potential client wants to view you as a person they can turn to, get along with. Your greatest asset when attracting clients is your humanity. Be personable and be personal. Be someone your clients want to talk to.

When you’re online, you shouldn’t be blindly replying. Read through messages and tweets carefully and give a real response. Use their handle and tag them. When you comment, if you type @(their name), the message will show up in their notifications as: “(Your name) just mentioned you in a comment).”

Make sure your content is current.

If you’ve changed your fee structure or office hours, make sure your entire online and in-print presence reflects those changes. Few things will frustrate a potential client more than incorrect information. Also, please make sure your most relevant information is easy to find.

If you’re covering financial events or markets on your website or on social media, make sure you stay up to date. If your last post was six months ago, your clients will see a lack of commitment. If you stay on top of everything in a public way, your potential client can rest assured you’ll stay up to date for them, too.

If you treat your clients like potential partners or friends, instead of as fish to catch in your net, you should have no trouble converting potentials into actuals. Position yourself so your services and expertise can woo your client. Stay client focused, and it should all fall into place.


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