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Unlocking Success: Two Reasons Your Marketing Doesn’t Work

Financial services is one of the most competitive industries in North America. To grow a practice outside your small natural network, you must differentiate, know your audience, and communicate through consistent marketing.

Let’s assume that you know who your target is and that the messaging is good. Even with a good marketing message and the best intentions, many advisors struggle to achieve the desired results from their marketing efforts. This article explores the reasons behind their challenges and proposes two essential solutions to optimize your marketing strategy for better outcomes. Targeted Audience Growth with LinkedIn

One of the primary reasons you may not achieve desired results is a lack of targeting. Marketing to a broad audience without a specific focus can lead to wasted time, effort, and resources. Identify and engage with an audience that aligns with your expertise and services. LinkedIn offers an ideal solution for people seeking to connect with a tailored audience. With over 774 million users worldwide (as of September 2021), LinkedIn provides a vast pool of professionals, including potential clients and industry subject matter experts.

By leveraging LinkedIn's advanced search filters, you can identify individuals who fit your target demographic based on various criteria such as industry, job title, location, and more. Engaging with this focused audience increases the likelihood of building meaningful connections and generating valuable opportunities. LinkedIn's features, including personalized messages, content sharing, and participation in industry-specific groups, allow you to establish thought leadership and build trust within your niche. Consistently providing valuable insights and relevant content allows you to nurture relationships and attract potential clients organically. Webinars as a Catalyst

While engaging with a targeted audience is essential, you must also have a plan to convert these connections into meaningful opportunities. This is where the power of conversion events comes into play. Webinars, or online seminars, provide you with a cost-effective and efficient platform to showcase your expertise and offer valuable insights to your network. By hosting regular webinars on topics relevant to your audience's interests and pain points, you can position yourself as trusted authority and generate interest from potential clients.

Webinars serve as a "conversion event" by allowing you to identify individuals within your network who are ready for a deeper conversation. To promote a webinar, LinkedIn permits you to invite up to 1,000 connections to attend the webinar each week that you promote the event. Participants who engage actively during the webinar, ask questions, or express interest in specific topics create immediate opportunities.

To maximize the impact of webinars, you should use the LinkedIn event feature, email, and registration forms. The data collected and the direct follow-up with attendees will help you understand your audience better, tailor your offerings, and nurture opportunities effectively.

Additionally, webinars offer an opportunity to build a repository of recorded content that can be repurposed for ongoing marketing efforts. By sharing recorded webinars on various platforms, such as YouTube or your website, you can extend your reach and attract new prospects even after the live event concludes.

The best message and brand in the world will not help you grow without these two fundamental strategies.

You can enhance your marketing effectiveness, establish yourself as an industry thought leader, and attract a high-quality pipeline.

In the dynamic and competitive world of financial services, a well-executed growth and conversion strategy is the key to thriving and securing a successful future.

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