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The Style Files

Everyone has a certain something about them that reflects in their writing style, whether or not they are aware of it is the question at hand. The key is to find that specific “je ne sais quoi”, if you will, and run with it. When individuals have an idea or product and wish to turn it into a growing brand, they sometimes struggle with the one thing that their customers are going to resonate with: a relatable quality. Produce this quality through a signature style.

First of all, decide whether you are a formal or informal writer. Have a friend or neighbor pick three things that best describe your personality and play into those attributes. Read, read, read! The more you read, the more familiar you are with what kind of writing echoes you the most. Read books, magazines, and online articles. Samples of writing like this will help you figure out stylistic qualities, and then add your unique twist that you will want to use in order to generate traffic to your business and gain a loyal following. Make sure you are mixing it up; no one wants to follow another cliché cat, so be sure to stand out. Imagine how you would speak aloud to an audience. What tone and word choice you would use in order to form an authorial voice?

After simply considering these aspects and possibly jotting them down in a “bits” journal, stop all research and brainstorming and just write. That way your writing style will come to you in a more organic format rather than hunting it down and forcing it to crawl out of the woods. Now… time to practice!

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