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The Goal Standard

It’s around that time of year again, when we all make those empty promises to ourselves, known as the infamous, New Year’s Resolutions. It always seems like the right, mature, enthusiastic initiative to take in order to better ourselves as humans. The problem with these resolutions is that we wait all year to pick one, two, maybe three things to stop or start doing. The first couple of months may be very successful, but the remaining ten are hopeless and you then catch yourself waiting around for the next year to start over. The psychological thought process has a lot to do in forming this pattern. For example, you may aim to generate ten new leads by summer, which is six months from your start date. The mind automatically is aware that it has a long period of time before its deadline, so it begins to push it off by saying, “it won’t take me a full six months to gain ten leads, I’ll start next week,” or even worse it could say, “I can’t think of a plan to gain ten new leads in six months, I’ll do it later when I have a more definite plan.”

I say forget about “New Year’s Resolutions” altogether and continue setting business goals throughout the year, why stop at all? The same can be said when you are engaging socially with your brand. You want to find ways to reach your claimed market that will not only interact with individuals, but also lead them into coming to your event, store, or website. Start by setting goals and objectives just as you would in your routine business plan. Layout a calendar which labels the times and dates in which you will post a new blog, Facebook event, Twitter analog, or Instagram video. You also want to monitor the endurance of your feeds, not just the initial rush of “likes”, if you will. Look for follower growth and engagement; if you have a healthy number of followers who do not engage with your brand, then the number essentially means nothing. The frequency levels of how, and when you post need to be consistent and intriguing; in other words, you need to provide value to your customers rather than just selling, selling, selling.

Setting goals both personally and socially is a realistic attribute that can be beneficial to both your lifestyle habits and business growth. We want to make sure you are on top of both games so if your schedule is crammed with tasks and lacking in time, Social Advisors can automatically pick up the slack for you by providing your business with all of your digital marketing needs. This way you can continue achieving all of your social goals and meet them THIS YEAR.

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