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Mastering the Three KEY HABITS of Emotionally Resilient Financial Professionals

For this important webinar, Charlie is joined by world-renowned Psychologist, Dr. Jack Singer.

Turmoil in the market, socio-political uncertainty, and inflation has produced stress for financial advisors. Dr. Jack Singer will provide key habits to relieve this stress and lead a happier healthier life.

In this game-changing webinar, you will learn the exact source of all your stress and anxiety and how you can permanently build your resiliency and thrive during challenging times. Attendees will leave with these 3 R's (actionable items):

1) Recognize the self-limiting beliefs and talk, leading to stress

2) Retain a simple mental toughness routine to quickly derail toxic self-talk habits 3) Re-energize yourself with the most heavily researched personality trait leading to consistent resilience and better health.

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