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Just the Tip #1

Businesses can enjoy several advantages by tagging users and other businesses in their posts. One of the best advantages of tagging is an increased audience. When you tag a user in a post or photo, that post enters that user’s newsfeed and just like that, you’ve marketed your business to hundreds more users with just. One. Tag.

If you haven’t mastered the art of the social media tag, it’s time to examine more closely how it can help you increase your audience and engage your followers more effectively. The fact is, tagging enhances your company’s visual marketing and increases the likelihood that customers, potential customers and the people you have tagged will interact with your business. Using tag features on social media sites is just one more way you your marketing team can make the most of your social media sites and build brand recognition there.

Before you begin tagging people in your photos, it’s a good idea to learn how to do it. Click here to learn how to tag on Facebook and Twitter. For Instagram tagging tips, click here.

If you’re worried about your 140-character limit on Twitter, never fear! Twitter has changed its settings to now conveniently allow users to tag up to ten people in association with an image. Tagging, fortunately, doesn’t affect the character count of posts.

Don’t just tag someone in your post to imply endorsement or to steer a user’s attention to your particular endorsement. Doing this can is a great way to get blocked by users who previously decided to follow you on social media. If your tagging gets out of control, your business is likely to be reported for “spamming,” and that can result in social media sites suspending your account. Yikes.

Get noticed. Elicit responses. Make tagging work for your social media by adding it to your posts!


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