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Cover Photo

Digital marketing is uncharted terrain for many businesses trying to start up a social media campaign, but the reality is that many traditional marketing concepts apply. Just as a well-designed window display can attract customers inside a brick and mortar shop, an attention-getting cover photo can have similar results for your social media profile. If you want to interest potential customers or clients, choosing the right cover for your social media platform is key.

Yes, people really DO choose a book by its cover.

If you’re contemplating the cover photo for your business Facebook profile, you should keep in mind that it’s going to be the first thing visitors to the page will notice about your business. Facebook users are familiar with page layouts, so they’ll be more inclined to note what’s different about your page. Watch out for generic, nondescript or pixelated images. Keep an eye on the layout if you’re adding words to your post; sometimes the buttons on the social media platform will block out your content.


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