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Bye-Bye Wi-Fi

As an American, you have probably experienced that gut-wrenching feeling when your Internet server interrupts your Netflix, late-night binge, or when you are conducting research for an extensive final paper, and the internet goes out, all due to a shortage of Wi-Fi. Believe it or not, this problem will soon be an issue of the past.

We can all give a round of applause to WiGig 802.11ad for making this all possible. The Wi-Fi Alliance has worked diligently to produce a faster, longer-lasting Internet connection for all devices, including: tablets, smartphones, routers, etc. This updated feature is twice as fast as the connection that is now provided through our in-home and office routers. Although there are a few internet-connecting devices on the market now that are 8Gbps compatible, compared to the average 4.5Gbps, the quantity is scarce and the price is high.

As we all know, with every new product comes limitations, trials, and tribulations. For example, this new connector has a shortened range of 33 feet. You can stream movies, work on projects, or network with clients at double the speed and proficiency, but you have to conduct such tasks in the same, or adjoining room as the router in order to get the full benefits. However, do not let this discourage you if you are an avid buyer, this new router is in the process of undergoing tweaks to deliver optimum efficiency, and can even provide an immediate purpose to those who engage in virtual reality systems. Your standard router that most households have now cannot support the high-end VR experience because they are not fast enough. The new WiGig eradicates this interference. Taking the good with the bad, knowing this device is not perfected yet; we can all look at this new advancement as a foretelling of where our technical future is headed.

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