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Breaking Free for Success: Navigating the Journey to Independence in Financial Services

Recorded Live November 30, 2023

Join us for an educational webinar featuring two of the industry's experienced veterans, Charlie Van Derven and Carmine Corino. With Charlie’s extensive background in marketing and business development in Financial Services, and Carmine's journey in founding Cornerstone Planning Group, an RIA renowned for its impressive growth and appeal to advisors seeking greater independence, this session promises a wealth of insights.

Key Takeaways:

1. Understanding the Shift: Dive into the reasons why an increasing number of financial advisors are moving towards greater independence. Gain insights from our experts' first-hand experiences and learn how this shift can potentially benefit your career and client relationships.

2. Navigating Compliance in an Independent Model: Unravel the complexities of compliance outside the corporate sphere. We’ll discuss how to manage regulatory requirements efficiently while enjoying the freedom of an independent practice.

3. Leveraging Technology for Growth: Discover how independent advisors can utilize technology to streamline operations, enhance client engagement, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

4. Embracing Fiduciary Responsibility: Learn about the deepened sense of fiduciary duty that comes with independence. Our speakers will discuss how breaking free from firm biases enables advisors to offer more tailored, client-centric advice.

5. Eliminating Firm Biases: Understand how moving away from the corporate world helps in shedding sales quotas and proprietary product pushes, allowing for a more authentic and client-focused advisory experience.

6. Lifestyle Changes and Personal Growth: Hear from Carmine Corino about the transformative lifestyle changes that accompany the move to independence, from better work-life balance to heightened personal and professional satisfaction.

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