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Audience Ownership

When marketing your brand, you must know whom you are talking to. You wouldn’t stand in front of a wall, talk to it, and wait for a response, so why do it with your business? Understanding who your audience is can be a challenge for some to figure out, but for us at Social Advisors it’s easy. Here are some helpful tips from us to you, and if you still have difficulty grasping the process, call us and we will get the job done fast, and right for your specific assets.

First, define the problems that you solve. For us, we solve all social and digital marketing needs for clients who do not have the time, or resources to do so themselves. Once the problem you solve is determined, start to research what community suffers most from the problems you solve. Once the groups have been founded, start to paint a demographic of these potential customers. Identify areas they live in, their interest, spending habits, cultures, ages, genders, etc. This tactic is used so you can define the different groups in an organized and relevant way. Different marketing approaches need to be established and performed onto each group in order to accommodate their specific lifestyles and patterns. A target audience does not have to be made up of one explicit group; your audience can include a number of industries, as long as you launch a successful system to reach them with a common interest that is beneficial to each group.

In today’s world, we are no longer prisoners of limitations; we can watch, read, and engage in anything we choose, at our convenience. Therefore, we have to procure an audience while we still have the opportunity; to do so in the most engaging way, so every person can capture a unique viewing experience. In this case, it is more advantageous to be a big fish in a small pond in order to easily build a reputation and gain referrals so you can swiftly move forward into a bigger pond after you have mastered this process. The audience you have now targeted needs much TLC. It is now your fan base that you need to nurture and care for so the relationship can grow into a long and loyal one.

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