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3 Ways To Shut Negativity Out of Your Facebook Life

It seems like these days, it doesn’t matter what your views are, someone with contrasting views is popping up on your Facebook feed first thing in the morning and ruining your whole day. I see a lot of people overwhelmed by Facebook conflicts and negative posts, so it isn’t a surprise that I also see people “taking a break”, “quitting altogether” and “stepping away from Facebook for a while”. I understand. It is overwhelming. But for those of us with businesses and communities that depend on our social interaction, I am here to tell you, you can have the Facebook feed you want if you simply start curating your friend list and responding and posting with positive strategies.

Here are 3 ways you are attracting more negativity into your Facebook feed and how to overcome it.

1. You aren’t holding back.

You are commenting or making angry faces on posts that you don’t agree with.

It’s hard. You see something that triggers your anger and you just can’t hold back from voicing your own opinion. “HOW CAN THESE PEOPLE THINK THIS?”

You aren’t changing their mind on their page. NOT TODAY. But every time you do this type of engagement, even a mad face, Facebook’s algorithms read these communications as “things you are interested in”.

So the very first thing you must do is HOLD YOURSELF BACK, so Facebook doesn’t get the wrong idea.

2. You aren’t UNFOLLOWING people.

You have spent YEARS adding photos and friends and curating everything that goes OUT on your Facebook feed, but did you know you can do the same for all of the information coming IN?

The key to a beautifully curated newsfeed is unfollowing. Do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, go unfriending people. YET. Once your anger is triggered by someone else’s differing opinion, the best thing to do is go ahead and unfollow them. Just go to their page, click on the FOLLOW button and choose UNFOLLOW.

(There is also an easy access drop down screen right on the offending post. Select drop down > Select “unfollow but remain friends”).

Pro tip: just because you unfollow someone doesn’t mean they have unfollowed you.

3. You aren’t posting the right kind of messages.

Your feelings are important and your opinions are valid, but too often we fall victim to making posts or sharing articles and memes that trigger other people. Remember, there are 2 sides to every conflict, and when you post content that triggers someone of a differing opinion, they will engage, and then you will respond. All of this interaction and soon the first tow points of this blog will have been in vain.

The smart Facebook user acknowledges the trigger, holds back on any engagement at all, and then unfollows a repeat opinion offender. Facebook doesn’t have to be unpleasant, uncomfortable, or ugly. You don’t have to “get off Facebook for a while” to take a step back from the constant barrage of political propaganda, but you DO have to start curating your Facebook information so that it is truly of benefit to you.

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