Professional Recruiting

Are you still using Indeed, ZipRecruiter and other job seeker websites to find new employees?

Stop scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Ask me why these sites are a waste of time and money and how we bring pre-interviewed qualified candidates to our clients.

What We Do?

1. We work with YOU to understand exactly the type of person you need to fill your open position.

2. Using LinkedIn and other social platforms, we find qualified and employed people for you.

3. With direct messaging, we start the conversation, protecting your business name until the timing is right.

4. We vet each candidate with a preliminary interview.

5. Only when you’ve decided that the candidate fits your needs, we schedule a personal interview for you.

Your Business is Different

Just like your business you don't want cookie cutter employees. You don't have to settle for the same as the competition. If you don't want to be like this competition you shouldn't hire like the competition.

Past Methods

  • Newspaper
  • Hiring Agency
  • Past Resumes
  • Job Fair Events

"Modern" Methods

Cons of Modern Methods

The modern job sites will deliver as many resumes as you can handle. If you invest the time, you’ll find someone to hire. The problem is, the best candidates are not spending time on these job seeking websites. 

  • For the employment website, the job seeker is the
    commodity that they are selling to you, the hiring
  • These websites continue to market job opportunities to their database “job seekers” even after they’ve been hired. The same people that helped you fill your open position are now trying to place your new employee in another position. They’ve essentially become your competition.
  • Their headhunting activity leads to higher turnover rates.

Benefits of the Social Advisors Recruiting Process

Social Advisors takes the best from both worlds. Leveraging LinkedIn and personalized direct messages, we'll find you the most qualified candidates. We’ll save you time and, unlike the job websites, we'll never re-market another job to your new employee.

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    With unemployment rates hovering around 3.5%, you want employed people. Recruiter websites bring you generally people who are desperate for work.
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    We do the leg work and you hand select the people you want to meet.
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    Developing a conversation with candidates instead of waiting for them to come to you starts the relationship off on the right foot. It shows your interest in them, not simply filling a position.
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    We do the headhunting for you so your name and the name of your business is hidden until you’re ready to meet a candidate.

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