Marketing Automation & CRM Administration

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As your community grows from dozens to hundreds and then to thousands, it is essential that you know who is ready for a business conversation.

Use a marketing capable CRM – CRM technology has come a long way. While there are great industry CRMs to track clients and their accounts, you need an automation platform designed specifically to nurture prospects.

The best CRMs will score each record according to:

  • who opens your emails and clicks on links
  • who interacts with your social media content
  • who visits your website

The right CRM will ensure that as you continue to nurture your growing community, you are following up with those community members that KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU AND TRUST YOU.

Using CRM integration and administration, we pull your valuable LinkedIn connections into a platform that you own. Guide prospects through the journey to client with superior marketing technology that tracks their experience and notifies you when they hit major milestones in your sales process.

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  • Embed tracking codes on your websites, landing pages and social media content.
  • Track when one of your connections visits your website, interacts with your social content and/or opens and clicks-through on an email.
  • Track all interaction throughout the life of the contact in your CRM.
  • Score each contact according to how they interact with your content and communication.
  • Follow up with only those contacts that have displayed interest in you and your marketing communication.

We can integrate LinkedIn with your existing CRM or, if you are looking to get started or switch, we utilize a top of class CRM at about ½ the cost of HubSpot and Salesforce. Make smart marketing moves that make you money. Ask us about our CRM!