Oh no, here comes the ad police!

Google, along with 16 other companies with specific interest in the online ad market, has formed an ad coalition with the goal of regulating Internet advertising. The Coalition was formed in response to ad blocking interfaces such as AdBlock Plus and Brave, that provide browser plug-ins to block ads from being seen as users surf the internet. As of late, […]

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Your website is important to showcase your business and to make it easy for your audience to connect with you. Your social media profiles are important for increasing your brand recognition, connecting with your customers and clients, and improving your search engine recognition. Why not combine two good things? Show off your social media on your website! Adding social media […]

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Don’t be Overwelmed on the Internet

Q: I have my own business, and I just have a more traditional approach to clients and the community. Why would I choose social media instead of just shaking people’s hands? What platform should I even use? Seriously, Geoff D. Daytona Beach, FL Geoff, Seriously. I think you should definitely do BOTH. Social media doesn’t replace your traditional methods of […]

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