Charlie and Karmen Van Derven
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“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

It started with a job selling websites to financial advisors. Two decades ago, the internet was so new to the Financial Services industry that there wasn’t much compliance would even consider allowing. So Charlie was traveling the country selling cookie cutter websites to Financial Advisors until social media caught fire and then it was cookie cutter content. But Charlie had other ideas. Custom ideas.


Charlie made a lot of advisor friends and again and again, the advisors he met with wanted something unique to their business. The more he pushed the companies he worked for, they couldn’t get behind it, because a one size fits all solution saves time and money.


So he started to do it himself. And soon he needed an office full of people to support his very happy clients.

The team at Social Advisors is uniquely qualified to customize and elevate your business development. We recognize that today’s Financial Advisors have custom solutions for their own clients, and we are here to support your mission and optimize your growth.

Our salespeople aren’t sales-y. They are helpful and happy to guide you through our trademarked CORE4 Business Development Experience.


Our account reps work their butts off for you. You won’t find business support more dedicated to your success. The team that supports your Social Advisors Account Executive (They couldn’t do it all alone!) is exceptionally attentive. The content department works tirelessly to achieve your voice and aesthetic and provide your audience with just the right mix of business and pleasure to keep them engaged.


We also have CRM administrators that literally do nothing but manage business strategies and sleep and then manage business strategies in their sleep.


The thing is, we all work well together, and if you have ever hired one person you can imagine what a hassle it would be to find us all and hire us all for yourself! You won’t find a team of people more dedicated to your success and growth. Our mission is to make a significant impact in your business development strategies for growth and success using LinkedIn, content and CRM and Lead Management technologies.

Our amazing team is ready to help you grow. From running ads and business development automation to creating social content that gets A LOT of engagement, we are your Business Development and Automation partners.

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Questions about our Products and Services?

We are a diverse team, based through out the USA –  but mostly in Florida. We all have an affinity for the outdoors, on water hard or soft. If have any questions about what might work best for your business and you’re not in the area just email us – or call 386-846-5291.

We will get your answers for you right away.