Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Rejected Your Ad

Facebook is a powerful force in digital advertising. Facebook’s reach, cost, and targeting abilities makes it one of the most influential online platforms in the online world. However, Facebook isn’t the Wild West. Any advertisement you’d like to share on the network goes through strict review, holding it against strict guidelines before Facebook will share it with your audience. Noticing […]

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Leads, LinkedIn and Your Small Business

You probably are already using social media pages for your small business. Much has been expounded about the need for social media as a brand building tool, but social media can be much more than that. Not only do 50% of businesses report that using social media increased consumer satisfaction, but 24% of businesses using social media for lead generation […]

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Why You, Yes YOU, Should Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It’s hard to be a financial advisor on the internet. We get it, compliance is tough, your company has its own regulations, and keeping up a social media persona is grueling work, especially when the perception is your target audience still primarily consumes print media and is best won over with a game of golf and a strong handshake. Know […]

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